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Limitless Compatibility

Attach any wheel rim you want and play it on many platforms

Adds Xbox One compatibility
Adds Xbox One compatibility

All compatible Fanatec wheel bases will turn into Xbox One mode as soon as you connect this hub.

Future Proof
Future Proof

By integrating the Xbox One specific electronics into this hub, there is a higher chance that you can use most of your wheel system in future.

Limitless Compatibility

Attach any rim you want

Modding made easy. Just choose the rim you like and attach it.

One for all
One for all

We offer a big range of wheel rims for any racing style: drift, classic, NASCAR, F1, Formula or GT. (available optional)

Use real race car steering wheels
Use real race car steering wheels

The Universal Hub is compatible with many car rims of famous brands like MOMO, SPARCO or OMP.

Attach any rim you want

Unlimited customisation

The universal hub is pre-configured for the GT rim but you can change the button layout to your own preference. The button caps can be changed easily to racing style button caps, with symbols that match the most popular functions you need during a race.

Adjustable button elements
Adjustable button elements

​Either use the integrated buttons on top of the Universal Hub or position additional buttons wherever you want them. A 7-function encoder element can be used to navigate.

Free choice of shifter paddles
Free choice of shifter paddles

Use no shifter paddles or the static shifter paddles on the base unit. You can also add small paddles for small rims or the big and super adjustable shifter paddles.

Unlimited customisation


  • A connected wheel base will become Xbox One compatible
  • Fully assembled and pre-configured to mount the GT rim (or similar). Just attach a wheel rim with 6 screws.
  • Detachable button caps with Xbox One symbols, interchangeable with the included racing style button caps
  • 16 integrated buttons on top of the hub
  • 4 button boxes with 3 buttons each
  • FunkySwitch™ with 4-way direction pad, 2-way turning function and push button. Comes with a metal knob
  • ​Small or big shifter paddles for different rim diameters.
  • The big shifter paddles are fully adjustable in distance, width and angle
  • Shifter paddle units can be taken off to save weight.
  • LED display for Tuning or telemetry functions. It can be installed in two positions: Standing or flat
  • USB port to charge a smartphone. No data
  • An additional 5th button box unit can be attached (not included)
  • Data port for future feature upgrades
  • Steering wheel weight: pre-mounted approx. 1020g plus wheel rim (subject to production changes). Details:
Hub component Weight in [g]
Universal Hub (without display) 554 g
LED display unit 7 g
Button box 20 g
Button box lever 10 g
FunkySwitch unit 32 g
FunkySwitch lever 10 g
Small shifter paddle 7 g
Big shifter paddle 48 g
Paddle switch unit 70 g
Soft hub cover 198 g
Metal hub cover 56 g
GT rim 979 g
Drift rim 929 g
Flat 1 rim 692 g
Round 1 rim 715 g
Classic rim 840 g
Oval rim 1009 g





Wheel Bases:

  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD1
  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD2
  • PODIUM Racing Wheel F1® PS4™
  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PS4™

Note: It is not compatible to the CSR Elite Wheel

Wheel Rims:

Please download the manual to see the information about the compatible 6 hole or 3 hole patterns. Many wheel rims from SPARCO, MOMO, OMP and others will be compatible but you need to make sure with the manufacturer of the rim you want to use.
Podium Advanced Paddle Module:
Using the Podium Advanced Paddle Module with a ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One may result in a deadzone on the analogue paddle axes (main magnetic shifters and secondary paddles unaffected).


  • Xbox One®: If connected with this steering wheel, the above mentioned wheel bases will be compatible to Xbox One.
  • PC and other Platforms: The specifications of the compatible wheel bases will remain unchanged.
  • The functionality of this product on Xbox One or PS4 can be limited by the capabilities of the console (subject to firmware/OS changes and developer support). The full functionality can only be guaranteed on PC; this is also game-dependent.

Special Notes

  • In order to operate this product, a compatible Fanatec Wheel Base (not included) is mandatory!
  • Connect your Wheel Base to a PC and install the latest driver to update the wheel base firmware before you mount the Universal Hub for Xbox One.

Packaging Details

  • Size (L x W x H) : 35.00cm x 23.00cm x 15.00cm
  • Weight: 1.76kg
  • Volume weight: 2.42kg

What's included

  • Universal Hub for Xbox One
  • 4 x small button boxes with 3 buttons each
  • 2 x small levers and 2 x long levers
  • 1 x pair of small shifter paddles
  • 1 x pair of large shifter paddles
  • 1 x FunkySwitch(tm)
  • LED display unit
  • Set of screws
  • Racing style button caps

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R$ 4.930,00
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Fanatec é o carro forte da Fanatic Brazil SimRacing Shop, trabalhamos com equipamentos para simulação de automobilismo virtual com a marca mais renomada do meio, Base Fanatec v2.5, Pedal Fanatec v3, Volante Fanatec Formula Carbon, Volante Formula Formula Black, Shifter. Posso ajudar você a montar um set perfeito.

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